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KakaSasu / SasuKaka community

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SALE - Rare Kakashi & Sasuke official plushes & doujinshi! [Sep. 19th, 2012|10:33 pm]
KakaSasu / SasuKaka community


Lots more under fake cut!

Selling official Japanese plushes, action figures, and a rare set of four gorgeous KakaSasu doujinshi. These are very difficult to get nowadays. Nearly everything is $15 or under due to me moving in a week or so.

( Kakashi & Sasuke plushes here! )

( KakaSasu doujinshi here! )
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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2012|03:43 pm]
KakaSasu / SasuKaka community


Good day, copycock!

It's been awhile since we've had challenges in the community, and that's entirely my fault. (Bad mod! Bad!) However, I'd like to get them running again, and hopefully there will be a few interested parties.

The prompt for this month will be:


Whether it's a new beginning, the start of a relationship, the beginning of the year, early Team 7 fic, or any other way you can interpret the prompt, we'd love to see it :)

This challenge will end on February 7. At that point I'll pick a winner from the entrants, who will go on to make the next month's challenge.

I'd love to see some entries, you guys! Kakashi/Sasuke is becoming harder to find, and it would be nice if we could reverse that trend :)
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Maddening art + Happy New Year! [Dec. 31st, 2011|02:06 pm]
KakaSasu / SasuKaka community

[Tags|, ]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Fic search - A Tenuous Grasp [Dec. 31st, 2011|10:35 pm]
KakaSasu / SasuKaka community

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |S&M - Rihanna]

Hi all! First time poster though Ive been stalking for a while.

I was wondering if anyone would happen to have a copy of 'A Tenuous Grasp' by yaoi_is_my_antidrug they could email me because it's no longer available on AFF.net (I read it quite a few years ago) and I'm not sure if/how to contact the author :/

Thankyouu :D And happy 2012 copycock!
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Does It Really Require One? [Aug. 13th, 2011|12:50 pm]
KakaSasu / SasuKaka community
[mood |blahblah]
[music |Two Worlds by Phil Colins. Because Tarzan rules.]

So, because I am a nice person and I love KakaSasu and this community is almost as dead as it gets (sorry, but you're just not quite there yet,) I have decided to contribute. I only have one story that involves major Kakashi and Sasuke interaction, and it's not at all romantic, but I am in the process of writing something that does involve major Kakashi and Sasuke bedroom romantic interaction.

So really, this is just an 'I'm sorry for not coming with anything worthwhile!' post. 

Title: Changes
Genre: Humor/Family
Rating: T
Warnings: I believe I might have been high when I wrote this. High School Fic. Cheesy jokes and Harry Potter references ahead. You have been warned.
Other: Ah, I have no idea how to do an LJ Cut or anything, so I'm linking you to fanfiction.net.

I know I said that he was a Michael Jackson look alike, but it was more like Michael Jackson had somehow managed to reproduce with a snake, and this highly implausible lovechild grew up in a cave, away from all sunlight, and started wearing make up. Yeah, it was more like that. So, no, Kakashi becoming highly uncomfortable at the mere sight of this creepy, creepy man? Understandable. But I couldn't help but feel like there was something deeper to this than just 'run away from the snakey pedo!'
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SUPER moving sale! Name your price. [Jul. 10th, 2011|03:50 pm]
KakaSasu / SasuKaka community

Hello everyone! I am moving to Japan in...10 days! And I still have a few KakaSasu doujinshi left, which you can see details of here on my journal: (KakaSasu)

Here's a sneak peak:
KakaSasu Doujinshi Back Covers

This is just a sneak peak~ on my journal (This Page Here), you can see a bigger pic of the cover, and at least 2 inner sample pages.

For any number of doujin, please name your price. I'll entertain anything for any number of books. ^_^ I'll keep track of your "offers" for the next 3 days. Seriously, any offer. From $1 to whatever you can afford. (I am leaving the country, and am terribly short on my first months rent. Trying to scrape up whatever I can. So please just name your price. ♥?)

This is your last chance at these books-- any that do not sell or get mailed off after this are going back to my collection, or being very sadly recycled.

If you want any of them, of course, you must pay for shipping. ♥ This girl is already broke.
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I Bring Fic... Or Something [Mar. 13th, 2011|08:41 pm]
KakaSasu / SasuKaka community

Erm, hullo everyone.  I've been a lurker for quite some time, and have decided to peek out from the darkness of such lurkdom to bring you a five minute, rough, probably terrible, fic.  My first published one, at that.  It's really not much at all, but I'd like a little feedback if possible just so I know whether to jump in or just keep dipping my toes.  Bah.  I also have almost no clue as to whether I'm posting this correctly.  Please point out my pathetic errors, when if they occur.  This can also be applied to my hasty writing failures if when they occur.

Title:  Of Course
Author:  Me (thirteenseraphs)
Rating:  G
Summary:  Sasuke broods.  What's new?
Disclaimer:  Uh, yeah.  This wouldn't be here if I owned it.  
A/N:  First (published) fanfic; a quick little drabble that I did in just a few minutes.  Don't expect much.  Takes place in an AU setting in which Sasuke comes home/is brought home/is returned to Konoha in some way or another.  Team 7 is about 17, if you really were interested.  Squint and you'll see KakaSasu.
"Sasuke knew where he was going with this."Collapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 19th, 2011|12:34 pm]
KakaSasu / SasuKaka community


I have been remiss in my modly duties!

The last challenge passed with no entrants, and it slipped my mind to post a new one. My apologies!

Which brings us to our next challenge:


I'd love to see some entries this month :) Due date will be March 19.

(This community has had low activity lately... is there anything you guys would like to see happen? Do you have any ideas for challenges that might encourage more participation? It may just be the normal ebb and flow of interest that occurs with rare ships, but I will happily consider any suggestions sent my way!)

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Doujinshi for Sale [Jan. 21st, 2011|01:22 pm]
KakaSasu / SasuKaka community


I have some doujinshi for sale including one Kakashi/Sasuke if your interested head here :


Thanks guys!

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Challenge: Boots [Jan. 1st, 2011|05:36 pm]
KakaSasu / SasuKaka community

Greetings, copycock as winner of the previous challenge I get to issue you one for this month, I hope you all enjoy!

The challenge is:


Do with it what you will! The deadline for this challenge is February 1st!


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