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Winner+crap!fic=long post

Urgh...am sorry! I lost track of time. I know I said my deadline would be May 15 >_<,but I don't have a calendar anymore so since then, I've been rather disoriented and above the concept of time. Ahem. That being said, the winner for the challenge (and believe it was really really hard to pick so maybe that's why I subconsciously forgot -_-;) is: "There's a First Time for Everything" by dirtyoldlady because it was interesting, original, and amusing -_-;;

That being said,  I also come bearing a fic-prize-gift thing for said winner even if said fic-prize-gift thing kind of sucks. So here you go:


By: Enkidu


Rating: R (for sexual situations)


Pairings: hints of Kakashi+Sasuke, Neji/Sasuke, hints of Sakura+Lee


Warnings: Yaoi. Sexual situations. Few dirty words. Some weirdness. Horribly beta-ed. Er…OoC?


Summary: Kakashi learns (the hard way) he has to cope with his students growing up.


Notes: Set sometime when all the genin are 15/16 and…er…not quite genin anymore and after whatever will supposedly happen in the current manga-verse >_> Also heavily inspired by this: http://www.livejournal.com/users/sirra_scribbles/3954.html



The repaired Team 7, still traveling together despite the fact that Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke were all chuunin already, had been given a new mission to the Wave Country and had been asked to meet at their usual spot on the bridge bright and early in the morning.


Sakura had arrived first, always early even at the sacrifice of being well-groomed. Absently, she combed her fingers through her messy hair and shifted around waiting for the males in her team. It never bothered her that she spent most of her time traveling around with three guys, though her mother often expressed her disapproval on the matter. Sakura knew there was nothing to worry about since Naruto no longer had a crush on her, Kakashi was too respectful to touch her inappropriately, and Sasuke never showed interest in her anyway.


Her own crush on Sasuke had long since subsided and now she was settled into a semi-comfortable friendship with him even if he still rarely spoke to her. These days, Sakura had been paying more and more attention to Lee, growing rather fond of his pure-heartedness and genuine determination. 


Naruto had arrived next, looking completely disheveled. His hair stuck out in various directions and half his face was still red from having slept on it. The orange jacket was left unzipped and the mesh t-shirt underneath was turned inside out.


Absently, he mumbled “Mornin’” then proceeded to scratch his stomach and yawn.


“Cover your mouth,” Sakura chided, able to smell the ramen and milk on his breath from where she was standing.


Naruto gave her some half-assed apology and covered his mouth while yawning again.


They expected Sasuke to arrive next though Sasuke usually got there before Naruto. It was entirely possible he could have overslept for once.


When an hour passed without any sign of the dark-haired boy, Sakura began to worry, and Naruto didn’t even notice, having fallen asleep while leaning against the railing of the bridge.


Sakura glared at the blonde and jabbed his ribs hard to wake him up. “It’s not like Sasuke to be this late.”


“Eh, ‘m sure it’s nothing. Probably spending too much time with Kakashi,” Naruto murmured and drifted back to sleep.


Sakura gave him another annoyed look then sighed loudly. She had a feeling Naruto was right, and she was worrying about nothing.


Another hour passed when Kakashi finally arrived, dirty book in one hand, waving with the other.


“Sorry I’m late. I had to help a group of old ladies-“


“Save it,” Naruto cut him off as he stretched out. “Either way…Sasuke’s not even here, yet.”


Kakashi raised an eyebrow. “Sasuke?” He surveyed his former students and noticed that Sasuke was, indeed, not present. “Anyone know why he’s not here?”


Naruto shrugged, and Sakura gave him a helpless look.


“What do you think happened to him?” she asked, and Kakashi scratched the back of his head, truly stumped.


“I suppose I’ll go investigate,” the jounin said after a moment since he couldn’t decide what else to do and waiting any further would be rather pointless.  


Shoving his hands in his pockets, he started trailing away from his two former students, trying not to worry too much himself, but Sasuke had never been late to a meeting a day in his life. Sasuke hadn’t even failed to show up early that one time when he was sick with the flu and could barely stay on his two feet.  


Kakashi shook his head. He knew he was overreacting. Sasuke was human after all no matter how much Orochimaru’s training had changed him. The boy was entitled to oversleeping at least one morning out of the year.


In his haste, Kakashi took to hopping lithely from roof to roof until he reached the building where Sasuke resided in. He quietly jumped down, landing poised on the railing and pocketing his dirty book.


Crouching a little, he peered in through Sasuke’s glass balcony doors, able to get a clear view inside since the curtains were nudged open. The room seemed to be immaculately clean and orderly. Only the bed looked disheveled and slept in. A pillow was on the floor, and the blankets were dangling off the side just about to slip off the bed.


Kakashi didn’t know what to make of it. There appeared to be no signs of struggling or fighting, nothing to account for why the dark-haired boy was nowhere in sight.


After hopping down onto the balcony, Kakashi approached the glass door and slid it open. The first thing that caught his attention when he stepped in was the sound of water running. His one visible eye glanced towards the bathroom where only a slither of light peaked out from the door left slightly open.


It reaffirmed his belief that Sasuke had probably slept in that morning, but he still wanted a confirmation. It was also very possible that it wasn’t Sasuke in the shower but some S-rank criminal trying to wash off the few spots of blood that caught on his skin after thoroughly disfiguring the young Uchiha with a kunai.


Yes, a ninja must always be irrationally paranoid.


With that in mind, Kakashi strode forward towards the bathroom door, mouth twisting in a frown as he picked up the vague sound of muffled groans. His fingers froze on the knob for a moment as the sounds became louder and more intense. Vaguely, he was able to decipher two distinct sets of heavy breathing, and it made his blood run cold. Wasting no further time and tensing up expectantly, he gently pushed the door open…and promptly froze.


(Having been a ninja for nearly three decades now, Kakashi had learned to expect the unexpected and the expected, as well. However, nothing could have prepared him for this.)


The last thing he had ever expected to find behind that door –and therefore the first thing he should have suspected really- was Uchiha Sasuke, his protégé, naked and bent over beneath the spray of the shower, clenching his teeth and clawing at the tile walls in front of him as one equally naked Hyuuga Neji was frantically thrusting inside of him.


Kakashi’s one visible eye widened and locked on his former student unable to grasp that the boy –writhing and moaning uncontrollably with parted lips and pale face flushed prettily under the pelting water drops- was the same arrogant, ill-tempered Sasuke he had come to know and practically considered a son. This wasn’t the Sasuke he taught, the Sasuke he chose to be his own legacy. This wasn’t the haughty twelve year old boy who disliked being touched, who was over-protective of his personal space, who knew nothing but hate and fear. The boy before him was arching sensually, face twisted in pure ecstasy as water streamed down his heat-reddened skin, looking every bit like rapture embodied in beautiful, pliant flesh.


Admittedly, it was eerily entrancing to see the prideful Uchiha uninhibitedly surrendering to the mind-numbing pleasure that racked his body with every powerful thrust sent straight into him. Kakashi would later regret staring so long, would later ignore the heated sensation coiling around the pit of his stomach and slowly slithering lower like a snake, would later pretend he hadn’t noticed the way Sasuke cried out so softly, so desperately as Neji’s elegant fingers wrapped around his cock and started stroking him with long, smooth strokes that teased more than alleviated the rigid flesh.


Naturally, Neji had known Kakashi was there watching and didn’t particularly care. His eyes calmly slanted to the side, briefly acknowledging the older man’s presence and openly reveling in his current conquest. He blamed his own sadistic streak –only manifested in the midst of a really good, hot fuck- that caused him to do what he did next:


Neji fisted one of his hands into the lush mass of black hair hanging around Sasuke’s face and wrenched the younger boy’s head back, making him gasp loudly just as Neji forcefully slammed into him. He sharply twisted Sasuke’s head to face his teacher at the precise moment he felt the body against him tense and shudder and heard the throaty cry torn from the Uchiha’s pale throat. Mere seconds later, his own body trembled with the force of his release, and he hastily bit down on Sasuke’s shoulder to muffle a groan.


The entire time, Kakashi had been rooted to the spot as he pondered every possible reaction to a situation like this. The part of him that harbored protective, fatherly instincts towards Sasuke wanted to harm the prodigy of the Hyuuga clan for defiling the boy completely, yell at Sasuke for engaging in that type of immoral behavior when he was only fifteen, or clap Sasuke on the shoulder and congratulate him for taking it like a man. Another part of him wanted to distance himself quickly –it argued that his student’s private lives were none of his business. The teacher in him wanted to chastise Sasuke for the clear lack of responsibility in choosing sex over punctuality for his mission which should have been the bigger priority as a ninja. The perverse part of him felt his curiosity piqued with this attractive, unrestrained side of Sasuke.


Still, there was just nothing appropriate to say at a time like this, not when Sasuke’s eyes were so wide and his face had blanched several shades lighter. Kakashi could feel the utter shame and embarrassment that rolled off his former student’s slender, barely adult body and did nothing but watch as the boy yanked himself out of the Hyuuga’s clutches, turned the shower off, and grappled blindly for a towel.


“What are you doing here?!”


It was angry, hissed out, a complete regression into the Sasuke that Kakashi was familiar with.


“You were late,” Kakashi simply answered.


Sasuke didn’t bother to meet his eyes –couldn’t meet his eyes, not when faced with his mentor and the man he respected the most.


“Sorry,” Sasuke muttered, but there was no sincerity in his voice.


Kakashi’s eye narrowed slightly.


“Don’t let it happen again,” he warned and didn’t mean to sound so harsh, especially when he saw Sasuke flinch in response.


Some drops of water landed on Kakashi’s sleeve as Sasuke brushed passed him quickly.

Neji stayed behind in the bathroom and calmly wrapped a towel around his waist, though Kakashi didn’t miss the appreciative look Neji gave Sasuke’s backside as he walked away from him. Kakashi felt his blood boil eerily at the look as over-protective instincts surged through him again.


His attention returned to his former-student who was now dressed but still completely damp beneath his clothes. With a sigh, Kakashi cocked his head towards the door and started to lead him outside the apartment but had to stop the instant Neji seized Sasuke’s arm and pulled him into a tender kiss. When Neji reluctantly released the dark-haired boy, Kakashi could have sworn he saw Sasuke’s expression grow soft and unguarded for a flicker of a moment before he marched out of his apartment.


Kakashi caught up to him in a few strides and fell into step right beside him. For a long time, they walked slowly, stewing in the awkward silence that drifted between them.

Then, Sasuke boldly broke the silence.


“I didn’t intend on-”


“I know.”  Kakashi’s voice was soft, accepting.


He heard his former student shuffle next to him as he dug his hands into his pockets.


“It won’t happen again,” Sasuke said quietly, and Kakashi had to wonder if he even believed himself.   


Again, the silence stretched on for a couple of minutes. This time, it was Kakashi who broke it.


“You’ve changed.”


Sasuke gave him a particularly nasty scowl in response, and Kakashi didn’t bother to further elaborate.


It was hard for Kakashi to accept change. With each passing day, his students aged more and more, and he was only helpless to watch as they distanced themselves from who they once were. Sakura was no longer powerless and afraid. Naruto was no longer immature and naïve.


Sasuke’s development had been the hardest to cope with. He had just bore witness to the last vestiges of Sasuke’s childhood being stripped away from him by another male.


Kakashi heaved out a loud sigh, glanced over at the dark-haired boy, and felt the same cold chill run through him whenever he thought about what kind of things might have happened to Sasuke while he had joined the Sound.


Suddenly, Sasuke met his gaze with earnest eyes, the kind that gave the impression there was still something youthful and innocent left in him.


“Are you disappointed in me?” Sasuke asked, his voice soft and uncertain.


Kakashi couldn’t lie to him.  


“I don’t know.”


Neither of them bothered to try and speak again the rest of the way.






>_< Ack! This is so bad and hardly beta-ed. *Sniffs* Can’t believe it’s taken me six days to finish it, too… what the crap??


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