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Why do I do these things...

Well, I have some crappy ficcage. I started it then had to finish because I felt I should...


By: Enkidu

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Yaoi. Bad Language. Sexual situations. Nudity. Attempt to not be OoC.

Comments: Written for challenge “Sasuke on top.” I really wanted to write them in a more mature and already sexual relationship, though I’m not sure why, but almost all the KakaSasu fics I’ve read involve a really young Sasuke.

Notes: Takes place after whatever is going to happen when they turn 15 and the manga continues, but I don’t know so…

Kakashi imagined when he would turn thirty, he’d be living in a bigger home with some sort of a domestic partner (male or female), possibly expecting children, and on the cusp of early retirement. Very early retirement. Not that he didn’t enjoy being a ninja, but it was getting more and more common that the phrase “I’m too old for this shit” would run through his head.

He didn’t fathom himself to be very old; in fact, he looked great for his age. He still turned heads wherever he went, and he could still single-handedly dismantle an entire platoon of high-leveled ninjas. He’d never felt better.

However, when he glanced over his shoulder at the lump on the left side of the bed and felt a familiar uneasiness creep through his stomach, he had to wonder if his life took a wrong turn somewhere. He supposed he shouldn’t have taken Sasuke in when Naruto had brought him back from the Sound about a year ago, but somebody had to make sure Sasuke didn’t go running off on another fruitless quest to try and kill his brother. At least, that’s what Kakashi tricked himself into firmly believing to be the only reason why Sasuke should stay with him. Never mind that he secretly felt lonely coming home to an empty apartment every night and sleeping in a large, cold bed with the face of loved ones long passed away watching over him through picture frames.

Sasuke had been an un-welcomed change.

Perhaps his biggest mistake wasn’t taking Sasuke in, but rather choosing to fall into an intimate relationship with his young student. When Sasuke had moved in with him, he was fifteen years old and too attractive for his own good. Puberty was generous to the boy, and Kakashi suffered for it.

Things had rapidly developed between them because Sasuke was confused, alone, and, naturally at fifteen, horny, and Kakashi had also been alone and perhaps a little sex-deprived himself. Though, it was several weeks before Sasuke allowed Kakashi to touch him without threatening to remove a limb, and it was several more weeks before they shared their first kiss in the middle of the night while Sasuke was trembling against his chest and breathing so hard through his nose, tears frozen in too wide black eyes. From there, it was only a matter of a series of well-placed events-rainy days, spilled chocolate, skinned knees, a ridiculous pair of smiley face boxers, etc.-that lead to where they were now-wherever that may be.

Kakashi turned thirty today.

His eyes drifted back to the unmoving lump on his bed before shuffling into the bathroom for a much-needed shower. When he turned to the side a little and found thin red scratches on his back from a set of blunt nails-evidence of Sasuke’s enjoyment of last night’s activities-and a series of dark red hickies littered all over his neck, throat, and even some on his biceps, he suddenly felt too old. There he was, a thirty-year old jounin trying to figure out how he’s going to hide the enthusiastic intimate markings of his sixteen-year old protégé. That earned Sasuke’s sleeping back an annoyed glare. Sure, the boy looked like a harmless kitten when he was asleep, acted like a prissy cat when awake, but concerning all things sexual, he behaved like a deranged female lion in heat, constantly biting and clawing every inch of his teacher’s skin.

Kakashi couldn’t say if he hated or enjoyed that. It was a far cry from the serious, reticent boy he had come to know.

Did Sasuke even know it was his birthday today?

His eyes traced down the delicate curve of his student’s back and stopped where the sheet haphazardly covered the place he had defiled repeatedly. Then again, was there really any part of Sasuke’s body that hadn’t been defiled by the over-eager jounin?

Kakashi didn’t think Sasuke remembered or even knew to begin with. He couldn’t recall telling Sasuke or Sasuke ever asking. He let the issue drop and stood in the shower, allowing the lukewarm water to pelt him while his eyes were still looking passed the wide-open door at the bed’s only occupant. When the pale body rolled over, he forced himself to look away and methodically scrub his body with soap until his skin was red and therefore clean. His hands drove wildly into his hair, lathering it with shampoo, eyes still open and unafraid of being stung.

Once again, he was watching his student’s body, feeling familiar sensations coil at the bottom of his stomach and creep lower as his gaze followed the long, smooth torso and paused on the outline of languid hip bones. For some reason, he had always been fascinated by Sasuke’s hips and the way the sharp contours jutted out in a slightly feminine manner, really just a testament to how little the boy ate these days. Kakashi could remember spending minutes idly tracing over them with the tips of his fingers, starting at the dip in Sasuke’s waistline and following it downwards over the rigid, yet strangely delectable, pelvic bone then sliding over lean, muscular thighs. Of course, this had to be done after Sasuke was thoroughly worn out and too tired to protest the action because the boy was still vehement about being touched. To Sasuke, Sex didn’t particularly count as touching, but Kakashi had always failed to understand what exactly went on in the mind of the young Uchiha.

After thoroughly rinsing his hair out, Kakashi set about drying himself, tearing his eyes away from the bedroom, already deciding to let Sasuke sleep in. He had no particular desire to train today and would have liked to stay in bed if it wasn’t occupied already. He only slipped on a pair of boxers and loose sweat pants before dragging himself to the kitchen, his body feeling strangely heavy and exhausted. Hands mechanically prepped the coffee maker as he started to wonder if he was going through some sort of depression over turning thirty.

Maybe this whole ordeal with Sasuke was the result of some blossoming mid-life crisis. He’d often felt that their relationship was more physical than anything else. The only time things seemed to make sense between them was when their fists were meeting during the morning training sessions or when his body hovered over a smaller, thinner arching, sweat-soaked body, and he could hear the tiny noises Sasuke tried so hard to restrain echoing thickly in his ear. However, at the end of the day, how far could a physical relationship take him?

He’d felt it probably wouldn’t last, had expected it to fail, and wondered why it hadn’t. It bothered him to think that, at thirty years old, all he needed was wrapped up in such a strange package. Sasuke was everything he disliked in his old self and so much more, and rather than pushing him away like Kakashi should have many times before, he always drew the lean body closer and let the soft hair tickle his chin and neck while Sasuke nestled comfortably in his embrace.

A loud ring came from the coffee maker announcing that the coffee was done and snapping Kakashi out of preoccupying thoughts. He poured himself more than he probably would end up drinking and sat back, staring at the wall to distract himself from thoughts of Sasuke, which were occurring more and more frequently these days. It wasn’t really something he could help, though. Sasuke was a big part of his life now, and maybe Sasuke was his life now.

Kakashi recalled that day when Asuma and he went to the hot springs together to enjoy a nice, relaxing soak after a hard day of training with their respective students. Two minutes hadn’t passed before Asuma had teased Kakashi about the amount of “love bites” that littered his neck. He tried to coax the grey-haired jounin into telling him who had bestowed them, but Kakashi alluded to some wild night without dropping names or details.

As he sat in the warm water while Asuma prodded for more details, his hand slid to the puncture wound on his shoulder. Sasuke’s teeth had broken skin the night before. Kakashi should have been annoyed and probably was, but at the same time, he wore that mark proudly. He had been quick to discover that the more Sasuke enjoyed sex, the harder he bit, and Kakashi decided, in the end, it was worth losing a little blood for.

Then, in a not-so-subtle transition, Asuma had asked him how Sasuke was fairing living with him. All Kakashi had to say to that was, “He’s adjusting,” and that was the end of that. It made him wonder if he should try to hide things better, which he thought he had been. Perhaps Asuma could see something in him had changed since Sasuke moved in and registered the significance of that change.

Kakashi noted the changes, had been aware of them since they started, and never bothered to put a stop to them. There was no reason to. Things needed to change. Not just for himself but Sasuke, as well.

He was practically jolted back to reality the moment cool, slim fingers picked the coffee mug from his hand and set it on the table. Kakashi opened his mouth to say something but stopped out of curiosity.

Sasuke hadn’t put clothes on, hadn’t showered, just slid out of bed, and came to him. His soft, black hair was completely mussed and haphazardly draped over his bleary eyes.

“Kakashi,” Sasuke murmured, a sleepy drawl tugging on the word and making it sound a little more sensual than Kakashi would have liked at the moment.

Eyes strayed up to his young student, wondering if Sasuke was perhaps sleep walking since he appeared a little out of it. A part of him mentally patted himself on the back for apparently fucking Sasuke to the point of brain liquidation the night before.

Suddenly, Kakashi’s eyes widened as he felt the caress of hands on his shoulders and felt a bent leg glide over his upper thighs. His mind wasn’t grasping onto the full reality of the situation, not even as he felt a dangerously addictive weight settle on his lap.

So…apparently Sasuke was naked and straddling him.

‘Happy Birthday to me,’ Kakashi thought.

The near playful glint in his student’s eyes was a bit alarming, but Kakashi didn’t mind. He found it was something he could get used to, especially when it was accompanied with that almost imperceptible tilt of the corners of Sasuke’s mouth that hinted at a smile fighting its way to his lips. The jounin wanted to coax the rest of that smile out but couldn’t, didn’t know how. Instead, his hands settled loosely on the boy’s hips, almost afraid Sasuke would immediately tense up and move after calling Kakashi a pervert for touching him naked. Sometimes Kakashi just really didn’t understand his student.

Now was one of those times.

Sasuke was still staring at him, hands gently sliding from his shoulders, up his neck to cup his face. He looked like he was debating with himself, some conflict present in his slightly veiled black eyes, and Kakashi wanted to ease the confusion from him. However, he couldn’t bring himself to move, sitting so still that he was sure Sasuke noticed his tension. It was a reverse in position for the both of them. Sasuke never initiated anything, and Kakashi never froze up like a school boy being groped by his gym teacher. No, that was Sasuke’s job.

However, in a move that probably shocked both of them, Sasuke’s lips descended softly on his own. Sasuke rarely, if ever, started a kiss, but in that instant, he genuinely wanted to. Kakashi felt it whole heartedly in the way his mouth moved over and touched his so delicately, in a manner that had him gripping slim hips and pulling the smaller body closer.

Sasuke’s kiss was slow and deliberate. He plunged his tongue boldly into Kakashi’s mouth and let it roam around lazily as if he owned all hidden crevices of the older man’s body. His fingers were cool on his teacher’s cheeks but his tongue was warm as it brushed against Kakashi’s, making them both jerk suddenly.

When their bare chests met as Sasuke scooted forward to get a better seat on Kakashi’s lap, the jounin felt the fast, erratic heartbeat of his young student. It made him press his nails into smooth, pale skin, made him tug the body even closer, made him take over the kiss with a hungry urge to devour subtly smiling lips.

Neither of them knew who moaned first, nor did they care to explore. All that mattered was how they clutched each other’s body with desperate need, how their breathing sounded so loud to both their ears, how their frantic, sudden movements were spurred on by an intense feeling that overwhelmed them too quickly.

They parted abruptly and at the same time, Sasuke flushed and Kakashi smirking. His fingers ran through the younger boy’s hair just to make Sasuke bite his lip to stifle a groan. Kakashi wanted to kiss him all over again, but he relented for the time being though wasn’t sure why.

Sasuke squirmed a bit, trying to get comfortable though the source of his discomfort wasn’t something that could be fixed by mere squirming. His eyes had reopened-unsure when exactly he had closed them-only to find the jounin staring at him, which made him scowl.

Kakashi gave him an inquisitive look.

All Sasuke had to say for himself was a mere turn of the head and muttering of, “Happy Birthday.” Then for good measure, he added, “Pervert.”

Kakashi couldn’t help but grin, ruffle the already thoroughly ruffled hair, and plant a kiss on his lips. “Is this my present?” Kakashi asked, gesturing to the fact that there was a very naked and aroused Sasuke on his lap.

His only answer was a well-placed roll of those delectable hips before the owner of said hips slid off his lap and strolled into the bedroom.

‘Maybe turning thirty isn’t such a bad thing after all,’ Kakashi thought as he followed Sasuke into the bedroom.

Finally done! That took me way too long to write –about 5 days. Didn’t even come out good or like how I wanted it to. Tried to add more smut. Might have failed with that. -_-;; Sorry this was so crappily edited by myself while I sported a huge headache.
Tags: challenge: kakashi on the bottom, content: fanfic
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