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Title: Blood on His Hands
Author: Suteneko__chan (or L'amour Aveugle, on FF.Net)
Worksafe?: Yes
X-Posted?: Yes, to
Info: Er...well, I set out trying to write for the challenge, but I ended up going off on a tangent that I'm not entirely sure whether or not it fits. It doesn't help that I keep getting the feeling that I've stolen a plot point of someone's fic. Oh well.

There are times when Sasuke feels like he has blood on his hands and it will never come off.

He fails to notice the irony in the fact that there have been numerous times before where he has had blood on his hands, saturating them in fact, and not felt a moment’s remorse.

Kakashi has noticed, but he doesn’t say a word.

He feels the blood at moments throughout the day, while training in the yard or in the depths of a nightmare, and he can’t help but stop what he’s doing and wash them. Because if he doesn’t wash them, the blood won’t come off, not ever, and he’ll be dirty and nothing he does will ever allow him to repent.

Kakashi comes and stands beside Sasuke then, a reassuring presence even as he remains detached. He doesn’t need to ask, because by this time he already knows, and questions just make everything that much worse.

Sometimes Kakashi doesn’t touch Sasuke, but usually he places a strong hand on Sasuke’s shoulder, or loops an arm around his waist. When Sasuke’s at his worst and is shaking as he scrubs, Kakashi takes off his mask and kisses Sasuke, gently and chastely at the nape of the boy’s neck in a way that causes their hair to merge together in a jumble of black and gray, distinctions and combinations, contrasts and blends.

Sasuke tries to ignore his teacher, but he almost always ends up pressing closer even as he submerges his hands deeper in the water. Kakashi doesn’t press back, but he doesn’t let Sasuke down either, and remains as a pillar of strength.

When Sasuke is finished he takes his hands out of the water with an air of disappointment, for the blood is still there despite the fact that he has rubbed himself pink and raw. At this point Kakashi takes charge, and leads Sasuke away from the sink, back to bed or back outside. Sasuke doesn’t protest, for he knows there’s no use and he’s happiest this way anyhow.

But no matter how many times he washes them, Sasuke’s hands remain soaked in blood. And they always will be.

Tags: challenge: idiosyncrasies, content: fanfic
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