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I come with a fic. Not a good one. Personally editted by myself, but I tend to miss obvious mistakes, so I apologize.

“After Hours”

By: Enkidu

Rating: R, to be safe.

Pairings: Kakashi/Sasuke

Warnings: Yaoi. Weirdness. Some OoC. Sexual situations. Slight Neji-bashing.

Summary: What Konoha ninjas do after work. My response to “Drunken” challenge.

Note: Takes place in future with Sasuke at age 16.

Sasuke stared blankly at his half-empty (some might say half-full) glass of whatever Naruto had ordered for him. It was his first and, after surveying the ridiculous amount of drunken rowdiness taking place around him, his only glass. He didn’t understand why everyone wanted to get drunk in the first place, but this seemed to be the thing to do after another long week of missions.

Even Neji who was probably the most level-headed and serious ninja of them all had indulged in drinking. Though admittedly, a drunk Neji was most unusual, not because he was loud or obnoxious like Naruto and Kiba were at the moment, but because drunk Neji was eerily still and quiet. The young prodigy hadn’t moved in possibly an hour, his white eyes fixated on the gaudy moose antlers hanging on the wall. Every few minutes, his fingers would twitch and his tongue would poke out of the corner of his mouth, but that was about it.

Sasuke didn’t like drunk Neji.

A batch of shrill giggles pierced his ears and made him wince. Sakura and Ino had also consumed uproarious amounts of liquor. Of course, they chose all the “fruity”, colorful drinks as opposed to the males who threw back lagers and beer, the “hard” stuff. Sasuke didn’t like the “hard” stuff. It burned his throat and tasted like the sewage water that pooled beneath the urinals in the bar bathrooms. He wasn’t about to consume any of the “fruity” stuff either as he wasn’t in any particular mood to be pointed at, laughed at, and referred to as the “town queer” by Kiba and Naruto, even though he probably was the town queer.

Not that anyone else had to know about that.

After a few minutes passed glaring at the amber liquid in his glass, Sasuke’s eyes drifted away, surveying the bar scene around him. It was a small, tacky bar with dirt cheap liquor, but it was also the favored bar among young elite ninjas from their generation. Of course, that didn’t stop some of the older patrons from visiting once in a while, Sasuke noted, as Kakashi, Iruka, Asuma, Gai and Kurenai were in their own private little booth in the corner, Asuma smoking like a chimney, Kurenai nursing a beer, Iruka flushed and chuckling loudly, Gai in the midst of some long-winded, over-exaggerated tale of bravery, and Kakashi looking entirely too laid back and relaxed.

Sasuke gave him an annoyed look for no good reason. Somehow, he felt Kakashi shouldn’t look so unwound when Sasuke was strung like a harp and clearly not enjoying himself.

In fact, he was in a bad mood.

Kiba and Naruto singing horrible Konoha folk songs at the top of their lungs wasn’t improving his state. Ino and Sakura laughing wildly while they clung to both of Shikamaru’s sides wasn’t improving his state. Kakashi, whom he had yet to see pull down his mask and drink though knew he had done some drinking as several empty bottles of beer were standing in front of him, was most certainly not improving his state.

Sasuke began another glaring contest with the liquor in his glass, knowing full well that liquid cannot glare back at him, thus pronouncing him the immediate victor. It was then that a larger, warm body pressed up against his back, making the hair on every inch of his body stand on end. His long, pale fingers tightened on his glass, mentally counting to five before he gave whoever it was a black eye for invading his personal space.

A deep, entirely recognizable voice wafted through his ears as the figure behind him ordered another of the bar’s specialty beers, otherwise known as the “good” stuff.

Sasuke’s eyes narrowed, and his scowl deepened.

A hand crawled in between Sasuke’s body and the bar stand, brushing over his clothes, the heat registering too obviously in Sasuke’s stomach and spreading wildly over lower regions of his body.

Sasuke’s cheeks turned pink, and his lips pursed in a frown.

The body leaned even closer over him, the broad torso pressing into his back until Sasuke could feel the vibrations caused by breathing. The hand slid boldly lower making Sasuke tense up completely as his eyes widened, sharingan bleeding into them in panic.

“Kakashi,” he warned through clenched teeth, though the damage was already done.

Not that his former teacher even bothered to acknowledge him, waiting casually for his beer as the bartender had to go into the way-back hidden storages to acquire it. It gave him ample time to tease the younger ninja, fingers flexing around the growing bulge in Sasuke’s pants while Sasuke fought not to react.

Clearly Sasuke was losing, his annoyance increasing and not improved by the fact that his heart was threatening to tear out of his chest while he couldn’t even feel Kakashi’s heartbeat against his back.

Ashamedly, Sasuke didn’t take long to reach an excited state, usually achievable by several minutes of slow, delicate foreplay. Kakashi had suspected his former student was turned on by the danger and possible discovery. Okay, so he didn’t suspect it, more like accidentally discovered it now while being soused and mischievous. This had to be the first time they ever did anything remotely intimate in public, having silently agreed that whatever they did together remained locked up behind bedroom doors as it was nobody else’s business. That and they were certain nobody would welcome their kind of relationship with open arms, except maybe Gai who cared for Lee enough to understand having that kind of love for a student. Though Kakashi was sure whatever feelings he has for Sasuke are definitely not like the ones Gai has for Lee… or, at least, he hoped.

Since Sasuke hadn’t bothered to stop him, pry his hand from his pants, and give him a well-deserved slap for being a pervert, Kakashi took it as a good sign to plow forward and stick his hand in Sasuke’s pants without even bothering to open them. The result was an uncomfortable scraping against Sasuke’s lower abdomen as the waistband tightened and clamped around his skin, making him suck in a breath. Squirming in his seat and unable to properly glare as fingers tickled and scratched him until they fought their way into his boxers, Sasuke merely gripped his glass and ground his teeth together.

“Having a good time?” Though there was no tingly breath against his ear due to the mask that covered Kakashi’s mouth, Sasuke still involuntarily shuddered.

Fingertips grazed against him and the simplest touch nearly had him bucking off his chair, making it just a little too obvious what was going on between them. Sasuke bit his tongue hard, closed his eyes, exhaled loudly through his nose, and balled his hands into fists.

A sound died in his throat, and he swore inwardly. Ninja awareness told him that someone was watching. Kakashi noted it as well, and their eyes simultaneously slanted to the side.

Neji was staring at them, one eyebrow raised.

If he was surprised, he didn’t show it. If he was appalled, he didn’t show it. If he was disgusted, he didn’t show it.

With no pupils or ability to emote properly, one just couldn’t tell with Neji.

All too quickly, Kakashi’s hand left Sasuke’s pants, reached out, and enclosed around the bottle of the “good” stuff. Without sparing Sasuke a glance, he swaggered back towards the booth where Gai was caught in yet another hyperbolic tale of non-existent feats.

Sasuke was left to go through the seven stages of post-Kakashi groping: Anger. Violation. Shame. Resentment. Loneliness. Annoyance. Acceptance.

Reaching the stage of annoyance, he swung his bar stool to face Neji and glared. “What?”

Neji calmly pointed at his lap. “…I can finish that for you, if you want.”

Sasuke balked and then had to invent a new set of seven stages to account for the fact that he could have sworn Neji had made an inappropriate offer. Shock. Anger. More shock. Denial. Slight consideration. Mental self-bitch slap for slight consideration. Annoyance.

He opened his mouth to make an unpleasant retort when, without waiting for an answer, Neji reached over…

-Sasuke stopped breathing, panicked internally, wondered if Kakashi was watching-

…and took his half-full/half-empty glass, smoothly tossing the rest of its contents down his throat. It took Sasuke a full 30 seconds to register the fact that Neji had probably meant to point at the drink and not at his crotch but, in his drunken state, really couldn’t see straight.

No, Sasuke definitely didn’t like drunk Neji.

Neji contemplated the now empty glass then got up and went home. Well, Sasuke supposed he went home. He honestly didn’t care.

Glancing back at Kakashi, Sasuke noted that the jounin had already forgotten he molested him. Sasuke wouldn’t remind him in the morning when Kakashi was suffering a hangover and looking utterly miserable. Sasuke would merely sit at the kitchen table and quietly eat his cereal. Then later when Kakashi would come home, Sasuke would be asleep in a nice comfortable bed while Kakashi’s pillow and blanket would be thrown upon the couch, and the bedroom door would be locked. Kakashi would know he did something wrong, and Kakashi would suck it up and not apologize because Kakashi no longer lived with regrets, even if he wasn’t aware of what it was he was not regretting.

The END!

Urgh... I had a subconscious urge to write Neji/Sasuke that I tried to supress. Originally, Neji was making a sexual offer. >_< That being said, I don't like how this came out. Was supposed to be different but then this happened.
Tags: challenge: drunkenness, content: fanfic
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