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Everything posted in this community, or referred to, is purely fictional and only concerns these fictional characters and their equally fictional asses and cocks; neither this community nor any of its members endorse real-life rape, non consensual incest, child abuse or infantile molestation in any way; blah blah blah.

Yo, and welcome to copycock! This is a free-for-all community for the pairing of Kakashi/Sasuke or Sasuke/Kakashi -- and by that, I mean fic, art, discussion, manips, essays, banners, doujinshi, interpretive dances,... whatever your lovely little KakaSasu-shipping minds can dream of, they'll all welcome here. As long as it involves Kakashi and Sasuke, we'll perv with you. ♥ ♥ ♥

To keep things active and to promote porn, every so often you'll be given a challenge. It can be a word, a theme, a prompt, whatever the issuer of the challenge wants. At the end of the deadline they've set, the challenger will pick their favorite work as the new winner. Its creator will then give a new challenge, and so forth. To view the list of all challenges so far, check out our tags!

-- Do whatever you'd like with this. Take it literally, twist it around, write, draw, drabble, whatever. Write porn. Go wild!

-- Submit as many entries for the challenge as you'd like. There's no limit.

-- Your post doesn't have to be in response to a challenge, and participation is by no means mandatory. <333 Skip a prompt if you're not inspired, or don't even answer challenges at all. (Though I reserve the right to cluck my tongue and wave my arms in a disapproving manner if we're running low on submissions. *whistles*) There's no such thing as "off-topic" here, as long as it relates to KakaSasu.

-- Everyone can participate in challenge, member or not!

-- Seriously, write porn.

When we say we accept any mean of communicating your love for Kakashi and Sasuke's relationship, we mean it. For porn's sake, we are building an entire new stick-figures porn genre. Everything goes. However, for the sake of other members, try to follow these guidelines in the description:

AUTHOR/ARTIST: (most often, you.)
RATING: (G for general, PG-13 for kisses and groping, PG-16 for descriptive groping, PG-18 or R for outright porn material)
PAIRING: whether it's KakaSasu or SasuKaka (or more =D)
WARNINGS: Please post warnings for rape, non-con, dub-con, underage sex, incest and self-injury. Any other warnings you'd like to use are at your discretion.
LJ-cut: [link] If you're posting an image that exceeds 500x500 pixels, more than one image, or a large amount of text, please put it behind an LJ-cut. Anything NSFW should be behind a cut, regardless of size.

And that's about it. Simple, yeah? No flames, no uncut explicit material, no spoilers without a warning and a cut tag, but those are obvious. If we haven't met your KakaSasu needs, you might try sasuke_kakashi or naruto_teachme -- but we hope you'll stay here, too. :))

Post away, guys! There's an entire relationship to explore.


Questions, concerns, suggestions? Contact imlikat, HERE.

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